Clinical Consensus Committee

As deliverers of health care, Providers are charged with providing increased quality of care to patients in a more cost effective means. To combat this challenge, the physician led Clinical Consensus Committee (CCC) has begun developing and implementing guidelines based on evidence driven performance metrics and best practice approaches to support the desired outcomes of our group.

The focus of this committee is to drive clinical outcomes and guidelines while reducing variation, create better patient outcomes and reduce cost while keeping clinical focus on the forefront.


The Clinical Consensus Committee has identified high cost, high volume diagnoses, and developed treatment guidelines and clinical care paths for the following:



To drive change through evidence driven performance metrics and best practice approaches, key performance indicators must be run from individual Practice EMR’s and provided to the committee. Individual assistance with EMR data capture and sharing is available as practice transformation specialists visit your offices to review your data and workflows. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact:


Derek Forbes

Practice Systems Transformation Specialist

Tiffany Taylor

Practice Systems Transformation Specialist


Clinical Consensus Committee Reference Materials